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Our educational and awareness activities seeks to build the knowledge and skills of all our audiences – including the general public. We provide practical information, hands-on tools and policy briefs in order to empower people to take next steps and solve their problems. We also educate general audiences and policy makers about the farmland access issue.

We host farmland access workshops and trainings across the region, often in coordination with local or regional partners. Our workshops target farm seekers, landowners and transitioning farm families, as well as general audiences who want to learn more about farmland access and how to get involved. LFG staff are called upon to present in a variety of settings, from conference panels and workshops to stand-alone events.

Online learning is especially attractive to some people. For example, our free online course, Acquiring Your Farm, lets farm seekers work through a comprehensive curriculum, complete with assignments and online tools.

Getting resources into the hands of all our audiences is a top priority. We produce guides and reports that are available in print and online. We also list and link to other materials and groups.