2. Financial Assessment

Determining the financial parameters acquiring a farm, financial implications of leasing vs. ownership, financing a farm purchase, special situations and conservation easements.

3. Owning Farmland

The pros, cons and implications of owning farmland, alternative ownership approaches, home ownership basics as it relates to farm ownership, and the purchase process.

Service Providers

Strong, diverse collaborations and partnerships are essential to improve land access and transfer programs and policies. We want to work with you on these critical issues.  Across New England and nationally, we educate, train, and advise people like you—land access organizations, farm groups, agency staff, community leaders, attorneys,  conservation groups, and others. We team up […]

4. Finding Farmland

How to plan and conduct a farm search, assess farm properties, and adjust your business plan to your land base.


Land For Good’s origins began in 2004 as an organization to focus on helping older farmers with farm succession. With years of experience with the farming community, our team learned that such planning assistance was sorely needed, and that farm “linking” was not sufficient. We initiated a Farm Legacy Program, a unique coaching approach that […]

5. Leasing Farmland

The pros and cons of leasing farmland, types of leases, drafting a lease and determining rent, and the types of landlords and how to be a good tenant.

6. Communication and Negotiation

You’ll learn about the keys to successful communication, your communication style, skills for effective negotiation, and how to communicate with your landlord.

7. Community Partners

Explores the range of community partners – and how to work with them – to gain access to farmland. 

Real Estate Professionals: Resources for Working with Farms with Commercial Agricultural Potential

How do commercial farm buyers differ from other rural property buyers? Many real estate professionals have a sincere interest in seeing working farms stay in production, and seek insights and guidance about how to market farms or farmland with commercial potential. Farm seekers are growing more sophisticated, and a primary tool that many farm seekers use in their farm search is […]

Earned Media -continued

Press and media mentions about Land For Good, our people, and our work. 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013

Real estate professionals connect with farmers

Real estate professionals play an important role in the marketing of farm properties. We offer training for real estate professionals to increase their awareness and access to resources so they can better connect with commercial farm buyers, and improve the conditions under which many aspiring, beginning and established farmers seek land. This training, Tools & […]

Training brings together attorneys & other providers from across New England to better serve exiting farmers

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, said Nelson Mandela. Sharing knowledge and experience to educate other professionals who work on behalf of New England farmers can help build their skills to better serve these farm families. This spring we offered a unique opportunity to explore the complex legal and technical issues of farm […]

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