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New Build-A-Lease Tool: Learn about and craft a farm lease

A well-written lease has a solid legal foundation and reflects the interests and goals of both parties. LFG’s new, interactive Build-A-Lease Tool helps you learn about farm leases and craft a working document to share with others—including landowners, tenants and advisors. Informed by LFG’s work with New England farmers, landowners and service providers, the Tool includes definitions, FAQs, sample language and fill-in spaces for the most common sections of a farm lease.​

The Tool and its supporting content are organized around common lease contents: terms of lease, rent, rights, liability and insurance, subleases, taxes, termination and default, dispute resolution, and other standard contract provisions.

Tool users can learn while also building an individualized working lease document—generating lease language to download, email, save for later, and revise along the way. The Tool is designed to educate all parties and support the development of sound lease agreements.

Farmers, landowners, and the land all benefit from sound lease agreements.

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Build-A-Lease outputs are intended for use as a working document to aid in discussions with landowners, farming tenants and advisors. They are not a legal document nor should they replace legal advice from an attorney.

This tool was produced with core support by a grant from the USDA/ NIFA Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program (NIFA #2015-70017-23900).

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