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Knowing where your food comes from has never been so important. Never have we been so aware of the number of touches between farm and customer – and of the vulnerabilities and inequities of the dominant food system in our country. With this comes an urgent, new motivation to reinvest in community-scale agriculture by supporting our region’s farms and farmers, who are also essential workers in our food system.

Our regional food system and food security depends on the land security of our farmers. Your support has never been more important as our region’s farmers face the uncertain future and challenges brought on by the pandemic and related economic downturn. 

Our region’s farmers have answered the call to feed us, including our most vulnerable. However, many face great hardship and uncertainty. Farms that rely on institutional, restaurant and wholesale markets have lost major markets. Pivoting to meet increased demand for local food adds costs and stresses for farms and may not make up for losses in other markets. Farmers are resilient, but they need your support.

Andal Sundaramurthy pictured here on her newly leased land in Wilmot NH.

Farmers like Andal Sundaramurthy. 

Her journey has been 10 years in the making. In January 2020, Andal signed a lease-to-own agreement on a 3-acre field in Wilmot, New Hampshire that will become a vegetable farm.

LFG was helpful in showing me possibilities I wasn’t aware of,” shared Andal. “I never heard of leasing and assumed the only way to run a farm was to buy one or become a manager.

We first met Andal in 2010 at a workshop in which we discussed the benefits of leasing farmland before buying. Working as a farm employee, Andal could not envision saving enough money to ever buy land to start her own farm.

Our field staff helped Andal network in the local farming community and introduced her to many tools to aid in her search, tools like New England Farmland Finder. She also put into action many of LFG’s resources, reading materials, and online tools, particularly the Build-A-Lease Tool. Andal had secured a short two-year lease (2014-2016) but always wanted farmland that she could call her own.

Without LFG’s help, I don’t believe I would have ever found my first farm lease,” explained Andal.

After encountering several obstacles during her land search, Andal reconnected with us. She had found a field owned by an open-minded couple who were supportive of local agriculture and were willing to enter a new relationship with a young farmer. Cara, our NH Field Agent, worked with Andal and the landowners to establish a sound relationship and good communication, sharing goals and concerns, and identifying areas of agreement and disagreement. We helped Andal and the landowners put plans in writing to serve both parties and crafted a lease-to-own agreement.

Our progress in building a more resilient regional food system will be lost if we cannot keep farmers on the land and expand their access to farming opportunity. We must save and support as many farms as we can during this time, even as we prepare to rebuild and strengthen our food system. More transitioning farmers, farm seekers and farmland owners need help to keep farms alive.

Your every gift helps sustain farms, farmland, and farming across New England! We applaud your support of keeping farming a vital and vibrant part of our communities.

Together we work toward a future with MORE farming, healthier lands, and a more secure food supply.

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We all have a stake in working farms. Since 2004, Land For Good has helped hundreds of farmers access farmland while thousands of acres of land have remained in active farming. Entire communities benefit from increased farming opportunity, healthy lands, and a more secure food supply. Food security depends on farmer security. And farmer security requires land security.

When you join with us to tackle farmland access and transfer, you’re making a critical investment in local farming, rural communities, working landscapes, and our regional food system.  Your support helps us directly assist thousands of farmers, farm families, landowners and communities every year. At the same time we work to change the wider system by educating and connecting other professionals, collaborating across sectors and geographies, conducting policy research and advocacy. Only then will we generate wider access and control over farmland that farmers need grow farming opportunity, and contribute to land stewardship and food security in our region.

If you believe that farming and land stewardship are vital to New England’s future, then join with us. As a not-for-profit charitable organization supported by grants, donations and fees, we rely on supporters like you to get more farmers on more land – and keep land in farming.

Please give what you can. Every donation counts.

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