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Farm Aid Grants: Keeping Family Farmers on the Land

It’s with gratitude and a feeling of solidarity that we thank Farm Aid for their support of Land For Good. We are proud to be one of many 2019 grant recipients committed to keeping family farmers on the land.

With Farm Aid’s $5,000 grant, Land For Good will continue to help farmers thrive by providing individualized land access and farm transfer advising, coaching and referral services to beginning, established, and transitioning farmers and farm families in New England.

We’ve included an excerpt of Farm Aid’s press release below.

Grant Priorities Include Investments in Family Farm Groups Confronting the Current Farm Crisis

In the midst of the worst farm crisis since the 1980s, Farm Aid announced that it distributed more than $1 million in grant funding in 2019. Farm Aid prioritized organizations working to address challenges created by the dominant industrial agricultural system, which has pushed family farmers to the brink of extinction.

Thanks to generous supporters from across the country, Farm Aid’s grants to grassroots farm and rural service groups will keep family farmers on the land. Our goal is to create real change in our farm and food system, from the ground up. Farm Aid grantees strengthen family farmers, they build communities that can support each other in hard times, and they organize people to stand up and challenge corporate power in our food system. These are essential activities that benefit everyone — eaters and farmers,” said Farm Aid President Willie Nelson.

In 2019, Farm Aid distributed a total of $1,005,898, making grants to farm families and 95 family farm, rural service and urban agriculture organizations and giving scholarships to college students studying agriculture. Farm Aid grantees provide crisis support to farmers, build power in rural communities, develop resilient systems of farming, advance farmer-led solutions to climate change and fight the establishment or expansion of factory farms.

Read more about 2019 grant recipients at Farm Aid.

Willie Nelson, Farm Aid President, signs 2019 grant checks.

Willie Nelson signing Farm Aid 2019 grant checks.

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