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Hooray, we’ve made it to Instagram!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve finally made it to Instagram! You can now find us @land4good.

"We made it to Instagram!" text overlays a photo of the Land For Good team gathered in the early spring

Photo taken of almost our whole team long before social distancing

In this new Instagram space we’ll be sharing education and training opportunities, stories of farm seekers who have affordably and securely accessed farmland, retiring farmers who have passed their land on to the next generation of stewards, and  landowners who have succeeded in making their land available for farming. We’ll also be sure to share ways that you can get involved in gaining ground for all farmers.

We look forward to continuing to support farmers, farmland owners, and those who serve them, and connecting with like-minded community members who care about a resilient local and regional food system.

If you don’t already, or if you prefer other social media platforms, a reminder that you can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Curious how else you can support our good work? Offer our free assistance to a farmer or friend, spread the news about this important work, or sign up for updates at

Thank you for following along and supporting!

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