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Land For Good is a leader in advocating for greater, more secure access to farmland for all farmers – and for keeping working farmland active across the generations. As part of our advocacy, we:

  • Investigate state and federal policy barriers, gaps and solutions;
  • Engage diverse stakeholders to change systems that will improve how farmers access, hold and transfer land;
  • Educate policymakers about the importance of land access to a vibrant and sustainable regional and national food system. Through our outreach, education and policy work, we build awareness and catalyze action.

Our work on the ground with farmers, farm families, public and private landowners directly informs our advocacy. We understand the specific land challenges entering and exiting farmers face, and what landowners need to improve access and tenure to farmers.

Our collaborations around the region – and across the country – strengthen our advocacy. We work with farm and conservation organizations, agricultural service providers, beginning farmer networks and research institutions to explore new services, programs and policy ideas and to promote those that we know are removing barriers to land access and improving security of tenure.

We engage at all levels­­. We help communities take an active role in improving land tenure for local farmers. We educate state and federal lawmakers about how public programs and policies can better serve the land needs of entering and established farmers. We work closely with state agencies to lower land access policy barriers,  and to promote programs and services that foster public and private land access.

We also lead and work on programs of national scope and significance. We provide training and program consulting beyond New England, and have advised the U.S. Department of Agriculture on a number of land access topics. We are leaders in a broad network of groups that are tackling farmland access, tenure and transfer issues across the country.

Policy Investigation

We believe that good policy starts with good information. Our policy work is informed by what we learn directly from farmers and landowners around the kitchen table, and through collaborations with a wide variety of research and program partners. Our recent policy investigations include farmland investment trendsnew investment company models, senior farmers without successors, and public land leasing policies in New England, among others.

Direct Advocacy

Land For Good is a known leader on land access, tenure and transfer issues. When we speak to an issue, policymakers listen. Our advocacy ranges from working directly with state agency officials to address program and service gaps and needs, to testifying before Congress on land access challenges that New England farmers face. We collaborate on policy development and advocacy with national, regional and state groups like the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, New England Farmers Union, American Farmland Trust, and state Farm Bureaus.

Stakeholder Engagement

We engage stakeholders in many different ways and at many different levels.  We believe strongly in collaboration and partnership, and our regional Land Access Project (LAP)– with over 40 collaborating organizations around the region ­­is a perfect example. Through Phase II of LAP, we are engaging service providers, conservation organizations and beginning farmer networks to develop and strengthen programs, services and policies, to build professional capacity and networks in each state, our region and nationally, and to identify, analyze and promote innovative land access and transfer tools and methods.