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Community Projects

Through our work on farm access, tenure and transfer, we work creatively with communities to have a positive impact on local economies, landscapes, and neighbors.

We work with towns and multi-town regions to:

  • Identify a community’s farms and priority farmland
  • Inventory available land for farming
  • Work with farmland owners to make land available for farming
  • Address local planning and regulation to support farming
  • Facilitate farming on town and land trust land
  • Help towns support farm transfer and land leasing
  • Educate their farming community and citizens about farmland issues

Towns or regions also may contract with us for a project. In these area projects, we work in collaboration with partners to help communities address a broad range of farming issues such as agricultural economic development, local food security, planning and zoning, farmland protection, and agricultural awareness and education. Read about some of our community projects.