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We are a national innovator on farmland access, tenure and transfer. We promote the best of what works and explore what else might work. Many of our projects investigate new models and methods from lease provisions to farmland investors.

We coordinate, cooperate and collaborate with a wide network of groups and individuals at all levels of our work, because we know it takes a network and working partnerships to effectively serve our audiences and to improve the conditions under which we can advance our mission.

Strengthening land access services in our region is a top priority. In addition to partnering on specific projects, we work with allied professionals as one of our audiences to assess needs and then address them through professional training, networking , materials and other professional development strategies. It’s as important to us to learn from others and co-create as it is to share what we’ve learned.

Land For Good is a strong advocate for securing greater access to farmland for farmers. Through our outreach, education and policy work, we build awareness and catalyze action. We are as effective at state and national policy tables as we are at farmers’ kitchen tables.