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National project addresses land access curricula

Beginning farmer training projects are making an impact in every region of the country. Several include land access in their curriculum. What’s out there and how effective are they? LFG is partnering on a new project led by American Farmland Trust that seeks to evaluate land access training programs. The project, Farmland for the Next Generation: Training Trainers to Help Beginners Secure Land and Succeed in Agriculture, will identify gaps in land access programming and train trainers to deliver land access curricula.

The project is off to a strong start with an inventory of USDA-funded projects that include some aspect of land access or farm succession.

The Project Team, which includes Kathy Ruhf and about 15 other professionals from across the country, will evaluate land access training resources and identify resource materials as well as gaps.

From there, the team will develop a “comprehensive national curriculum” that uses the most effective existing materials and approaches to reach diverse audiences and regions. This curriculum with be field tested with a national cadre of two dozen agriculture educators. One anticipated outcome is to lay the foundation for a national network of land access training providers, and a comprehensive, widely available and adaptable curriculum.

If you have or know of good educational materials or training programs focused on land access and/or transfer, please send links or other information to Kathy Ruhf at kathy[at]landforgood[dot]org.

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