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We help people directly by advising individual farmers, farm families, landowners and groups. This selection of our consulting work is organized under our three programs:

  • Farm Seekers , our program for beginning and other farmers seeking to lease or purchase farmland, or to improve their farmland agreements.
  • Farm Legacy, our program for farm families thinking about farm succession and transfer.
  • Working Lands, our program for private, organizational and public landowners.

Learn about our consulting in How We Work – and check back periodically for updates!

Farm Seekers

Young farmer lease rate revision, MA
Helped a young farmer and landowner revise the rent formula to which they had agreed two years prior. Various approaches to calculating the rent were researched and discussed, leading to a mutually satisfying new method.

A “second career” farm seeker
Guided a farm seeker with some equity to narrow her search for a southern New England farm property. Using LFG tools and materials from our online course, she gained a much clearer idea of what she was looking for, and where to look.

A start-up farming couple, MA
Reviewed a draft lease that the farmers had adapted from lease templates in our Toolbox. Together we sharpened the lease language around termination and permitted uses, among other things.

An aspiring farmer, NH
After Josh asked for help finding land, we worked with him develop a land acquisition plan based on a realistic assessment of his financial capacity, needs, and timeline. As a result, Josh decided to work another year on someone else’s farm, take a business planning course, and search New England Farmland Finder for potential farm properties to rent for the following season.

“Growing Our Own” project, Swanzey NH
Provided strategic and financial planning for land acquisition and program development to this agricultural education project for high school students.

The Herb Hill Micro-Dairy, Andover MA
Advised this farmer as he negotiated a lease with the local conservation commission to graze on town land.

Farm Legacy

Smolak Farms LLC, Andover MA
Assisted with planning a phased transfer of a a 32-acre vegetable and berry operation from the owner-operator to a successor.

A diversified farm with retail outlet, North Dartmouth MA
Developed a farm transfer assessment for this a mixed operation with retail outlet on 120 acres. Convened a transfer team that supported the entering farmers, addressed estate concerns, and preserved the farm operation.

Apple Annie, Brentwood NH
Developed an agreement for a phased transfer from retiring operators to second-career farm entrants for this 35 acre orchard operation and vegetable community supported agriculture (CSA).

Dairy farm, Colrain MA
Prepared a farm transfer plan between parent and daughter and son-in-law on this multi-generational dairy farm.

A family farm, East Bridgewater MA
Coached the family on transfer and agricultural development options for their 80-acre vegetable and pumpkin farm.

Jefferson NH
Facilitated family succession planning for an 80-acre farm in hay and vegetables.

A Christmas tree farm, Groton MA
This plan involved placing 20 acres of a 175-acre property in a trust. Residual funds from sale of development rights helped with long-term farm viability for the successor.

River Valley Farm, Lenox MA
Provided farm transfer and financial planning with a master sheep farmer, CSA operator, and farm store operator.

Working Lands

New Mercies Farm
Helped the owners assess their farm property for best farming uses, to recruit a more secure tenant with an option to sell., and to navigate a donated easement on the property. The selected farmer couple – familiar to them – operate Upper Pond Farm.

Dominican Sisters of Mercy, North Dartmouth MA
Recruited a farmer for land and house leases that provided for future transfer of title on the convent’s property. Helped secure an agricultural easement.

Langwater Farm, Easton MA
Agricultural ‘revival’ on locally important land.  Provided land use and tenure planning, farmer recruitment, negotiations, and document development.

Farming on public land, Providence RI
Consulted with community land trust to improve tenure agreements with farmers on public farmland.

Mindful Living Initiative, Marlow NH
Provided land use planning and permitting services for a 225-acre educational and sustainable agriculture-oriented community.

An owner of conserved land, Limerick ME
Conducted a feasibility assessment for the acquisition of former farmland by a conservation buyer, in partnership with Maine Farmland Trust.

Monadnock Region Farm Opportunity and Legacy Project, NH
Broad–based community project involving a land trust, conservation district and university. Engaged farm seekers, farmers and non-farming landowners to promote active agriculture.