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Farm Legacy

Nearly 30% of New England’s farmers are likely to exit farming in the next 10+ years, and 9 out of 10 of them are farming without a young farmer alongside. (Gaining Insights 2016)

Farm transfer is a critical issue for thousands of farm families in New England and nationally. Farm transfer is the process of passing a farm business and/or farm property from one generation or owner to the next. At no point is a farm’s future more at risk than during this transition. Farmers need transfer planning information and support, especially when there is no identified successor. Whatever the situation, it’s never too early – or too late – to start planning for this major transition.

We would have never gotten anywhere with our farm succession plan without the help of Land For Good.

– David Freeman and Christine O’Brien, Freeman Farm, MA

Our Farm Legacy Program keeps farms in farming by helping farmers and their families plan. We support farmers to create a meaningful legacy. We enhance farming opportunity and help preserve the landscape and character of our communities. We work directly with farmers and farm families—including farmers without identified successors and the junior generation on the farm—to help them prepare for, plan, and navigate the farm transfer process. We also work with a wide range of educators and advisors to support farm succession and transfer planning.

What we do


We raise awareness and teach by developing and distributing educational and planning tools for farm transfers. We give workshops for farmers and families preparing to transfer their farms.


We advise and “coach” clients through the farm transfer planning process by providing technical support and facilitation, and by building teams of supportive advisors.


We innovate by raising awareness about farm succession. We explore new models and methods for farm transitions, and promote supportive policies. We promote team approaches and strengthen services for assisting transitioning farm families.

Who benefits


  • Make good planning decisions and create sound farm transition plans that provide opportunities for next generation and new farmers
  • Create meaningful farm legacies and secure retirements
  • Successfully transfer their farms


  • Keep more local farms in active farming and foster farming opportunity
  • Honor their farming heritage and their farmers

Service providers

  • Are better connected and more effective in assisting families with farm transfer planning
  • Use new models and methods in their farm transfer toolkit

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Nationally, over 70% of our private farmland will change hands in the next 20 years. (FarmLASTS 2010)