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Case Studies


The Murdock Farm

Murdock Farm

Murdock Farm in central Massachusetts was almost 200 years old when the herd was sold and dairy operations ceased in 2001. Seven years later, the three senior Girouard brothers were ready to sell. The brothers shared a commitment to keeping the operation going. Read more

Land Here! Dominican Sisters of Mercy

In 1960, the Dominican Sisters of Mercy bought a former farm and vacation residence in a suburban community outside Boston.  At one point 23 sisters lived in the main house and farmhouse. Over time their numbers diminished and they have since sold some of the land. Currently, they own 13 acres, about five of which were in agricultural use through a verbal agreement with a local farmer. Read more

Langwater Farm Agricultural Planning Project

In 2008, the 4th generation owners of Langwater Farm in Massachusetts decided  to preserve 80 acres of their open agricultural land, and the historic core of a peri-urban area. The long term revitalization of this prime natural resource was their goal. Read more