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About Land For Good (LFG)

What are the challenges of farmland access?

The current challenge facing today’s farmers is accessing farmland that has all of the following characteristics:

  1. Available: There must be enough land for everyone who wants to farm.
  2. Appropriate: Land must be suitable for a successful farm operation.
  3. Affordable:  The farmer must be able to purchase or rent the property.
  4. Accessible:  The farmer must have physical and legal access to the land
  5. Secure:  The farmer must have adequate security of use of the land to make investments in the business and the land.
  6. Equitable:  There must be an equitable assignment of land rights and obligations. Farmers’ opportunity to build equity must also be considered.


Why are farmland access, tenure and transfer so important?

The future of farming and food security depends on farmers being able to start and grow their farm operations. Land held by retiring farmers, non-farming landowners and institutional and public entities must be made available, affordable and secure for new and established farmers.


How do I work with Land For Good?

We provide various tiers of direct services to individuals and organizations who need help with farmland access, tenure and transfer situations or issues. Most of this help is provided at no-cost thanks to the support of individual, foundation and corporate donors. Read more then contact us. For more in-depth assistance we charge a fee and offer a sliding scale and cost-share so that no one is turned away. We welcome consulting and project collaborations with organizations, communities and agencies. Read more about how we work.