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Toolbox for Leasing Farmland

If you’re a new or beginning farmer, leasing farmland may be an effective way to overcome one of your biggest challenges to getting on the land. Leases can offer affordable, flexible and secure access to farms, land, and buildings. If you’re a landowner who wants to make land available for farming, leasing land with a well-planned approach can be a “win-win” for you, your land and your community.

This Toolbox contains materials most relevant to farming and farms in New England.  It includes practical articles about what’s in a lease, types of leases, what to look for in a lease and how to negotiate a good lease. You’ll also find “thought pieces” that address the interests of the community in long-term farm leases, and landlord-tenant relations.

For farm seekers

For landowners

For both

Lease Samples and Templates

Farm Link Programs

Land Tenure in the Northeast

* Reposted with permission. Thanks to Ohio State University Extension, the University of Vermont’s Center for Sustainable Agriculture, Cuyahoga Valley Countryside Initiative, and Vermont Land Link.