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Tender Soles Farm, Dresden ME

  • Interview with Rich Lee, Co-owner, Tender Soles Farm, Dresden, ME. Greenhorns Radio – Episode 217 (January 2015). In this radio podcast, Rich Lee tells his farm’s story including their land access story; how they located land through a friend, leased for a year and just financed a recent land purchased using FSA financing. Rich describes the process of financing their land purchase – and the hard work involved. “We got connected with Land For Good and Jo Barrett, who is their ME field agent. She advised us on everything from negotiating a lease, what to look out for, what you want to include in your arrangement and what you definitely want to talk about; just the different options you have – legally and just on a handshake – in making an agreement with a landowner.” (7:05 – 13:00).

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