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New documentary of one family’s struggle to ensure their farm’s future personalizes a nationwide crisis.

The Last Crop tells the story of a family caught in the middle as urban growth threatens California’s Central Valley. Jeff and Annie Main confront an uncertain future as their children have chosen careers off the farm. It is a story that is being echoed on farms across our nation. What sets the Mains apart is their resolve to create an alternative for their farm’s future that ensures it remain productive and affordable–even at the risk of disinheriting their children. The film captures the intractable nature of sustaining a small local farm and the stake we all have in making certain they can survive and thrive.

The Last Crop challenges conservation groups, local communities and some 500,000 aging U.S. farmers to rethink what actions they are willing to undertake to transfer their land to a new generation of family farmers.

To support this film, take part in the final days of fundraising campaign through October 30th or to learn more about the project, visit

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