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Transitioning Farmers


Thank you for your help to keep our farm for future generations. We could not have succeeded without all the help we received from Land For Good.

– June Girouard, Murdock Farm and Dairy Bar, Winchendon MA

Have you thought about your farm’s future?

Whether you are thinking about your farm’s future, or about to retire from farming, there are several important issues to address.

We can help. We have the knowledge, networks and experience to help you make a plan that fits your situation and can achieve your goals. We have helped hundreds of farmers find innovative solutions that keep their farms in farming, provide a meaningful legacy and address the financial, legal and business challenges involved in a transition. Our coaching services can help address options or concerns and coordinate your team of advisors.

We offer transitioning farmers the peace of mind they deserve. We can help you start – and finish – your succession plan to the next generation or unrelated operator. If you don’t have an identified successor, we’ll work with you on a transfer plan that brings new talent to your farm and addresses the interests of family members.

We can also offer strategies for the next generation that presents the issues from the perspective of the incoming farmer.

Get started with the resources in our Toolbox for Farm Transfer Planning.

What you can do

Contact us with your questions.

We can help

  • Obtain information and resources to get started.
  • Find appropriate advisors and coordinate your team.
  • Navigate your farm transfer planning process.

Find out How We Work and contact us for an initial consult.