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Land For Good helped us make sound land acquisition decisions. They gave us the confidence we needed to be successful.

– Jen Smith & Nate Frigard, Crimson and Clover Farm, MA

Overwhelmed by the challenges of accessing farmland?

Don’t be. Whether you are a new, beginning or established farmer, we can help you sort out and navigate the issues around accessing farmland or a farm property. We are a nationally recognized leader in farmland access – and we understand the challenge of finding the affordable, secure and productive land you need to realize your goals.

You can rely on our deep experience to help you learn about farmland access, as well as plan, search for and evaluate agricultural properties. We have helped educate, train and guide hundreds of farmers at every stage of the process of acquiring and negotiating for farmland. Since we also work with landowners, communities, and farm service providers, we know the ins-and-outs of accessing farmland in New England. Our Field Agents have the technical expertise, local knowledge and networks to help you clarify your goals, connect to resources and take the next steps.

We’re gaining ground every day for farmers like you.

Check out the resources in our Toobox for Farm Seekers then contact us.

What you can do

Contact us for information and help.

We can help you…

  • Develop your farm acquisition goals and plan.
  • Find advisors and information.
  • Search for a farm property.
  • Develop lease agreements and manage landowner relationships.

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