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 We found the … (farmer) recruitment process to be more involved than expected. Land For Good helped us find the perfect farmers for our property.

– A non-farming landowner, MA

Have you considered making your land available for farming?

Whether you’re an individual or a land trust, institution or town government representative – we can help you create or improve farming uses on your land. We support you to make sound land use decisions and agreements so your land is productively worked and cared for. We can help you find the right farmers, get the information and advice you need, address your concerns, and fashion arrangements that meet your stewardship and other objectives.

We have helped educate, advise and support hundreds of non-farming landowners – from religious and educational properties to large-lot homes, and from town open space to inherited estates.

You can make your land an even greater asset to your community by helping to ensure a future for farming. By getting more farmers on the land you’ll create economic opportunity, promote food security, and preserve the working landscapes that you value.

Get started with the resources in our Toolbox for Landowners then – contact us.

What you can do

Contact us with your questions.

We can help you …

  • Develop a land use plan
  • Find appropriate advisors
  • Recruit a farmer and develop a lease or transfer agreement.

Contact us to learn more.

Sitting down with Land For Good was very helpful in clarifying issues and choices. Also helpful was the creation of a “to do” list and deadline. You are so good at making the impossible seem possible!

– Clara Stite, a non-farming landowner