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Our mission is to ensure the future of farming in New England by putting more farmers more securely on more land.

Since 2004 we have provided caring support and expert guidance to help farmers, landowners and communities navigate the complex challenges of land access, tenure and transfer. Our comprehensive and collaborative approach achieves solutions to help realize family, farm business and community goals. (Our history)

We believe that any strategy to improve land access and tenure security for beginning and established farmers must make land:

  • Available (in sufficient quantity, suitable locations, accessible, and findable);
  • Affordable (whether for purchase or rent);
  • Appropriate (for farming and related uses; providing security, housing, infrastructure); and,
  • Equitable (clear rights and responsibilities, equity for all parties).

The inability of the older generation to exit farming, and of the next generation to enter farming, constitutes one of the greatest challenges for farming in the region. The average age of New England’s farmers is increasing rapidly, and farmers and their families need support transitioning their farms to a new generation. Though their numbers are increasing, young, beginning, and non-white farmers struggle to gain access to farmland.

That’s why we develop, promote and support diversity and innovation around farmland tenure. We seek approaches that benefit farmers as well as landowners and the land. We take a systems view.  This means we address all aspects of the issue and work with all who have a stake in the future of farming. Read more about our systems view in Access to farmland: A systems change perspective.

Opportunity. Legacy. Stewardship.

We envision a vibrant landscape of working farms managed by thriving farmers. Entire communities will benefit from increased farming opportunity, healthy lands, and a more secure food supply.

  • Our Farm Seekers Program fosters farming opportunities by helping farm seekers acquire farms and farmland.
  • Our Farm Legacy Program ensures meaningful legacies by helping transfer farms to the next generation or operator.
  • Our Working Lands Program increases land stewardship by helping landowners make land available for farming.

Through innovation, education, advocacy and consulting we are transforming how farmers get on to, hold, and transfer farmland in New England and beyond.

Land For Good is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization headquartered in Keene, NH. Our field agents serve all six New England states. We are supported by grants, donations and fees.

Join with us! Together we’re gaining ground for farmers.