Farmland access opportunities, regional food system solutions, & the look ahead post-election – recent weeks in review

The 6th Annual Farmland Access & Transfer Conference is just days away! On November 16-18, the conference will go virtual, enabling more New England participants than ever before to attend, learn, and share ideas.

The issues, strategies and skills shared at this conference have increasing relevance to today’s farmers – both those who are transitioning out of farming and those who are starting new farm enterprises – and their impact on our regional food system.”

Learn more and register at the links below.

New England Public Media recently shared the farmland access story of Hassan Aden, a Somali Bantu refugee based in Enfield, CT, who drives up and down I-91 in order to plant, weed and harvest his own fields. He is not alone in seeking affordable, workable land in New England and organizations like All Farmers exist to help. All Farmers has recently launched a campaign to create a permanent farm for 60 multi-generational refugee and immigrant farm families in the Greater Springfield area.  Find out how you can support farmland access for this community below.

Both Connecticut Food System Alliance and Massachusetts Food System Collaborative have released reports reflecting on local food system response to and recovery from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. These reports are based on community conversations and make suggestions for sustainable and resilient paths forward.

Every bite each of us takes has been shaped by a complex range of forces, some in our control and others well outside of our control. By endeavoring to understand those forces better, and to play a more active role in influencing them, Massachusetts residents are working toward a food system that better meets the needs of everyone in the state.”

Election Day is behind us, but the policy changes over the last four years and the ripple effect of this election cycle will have long-term impacts on the food system – from the farm economy to food access. Civil Eats and Food Tank offer reflections below.

Our recent weeks in review is a digest of noteworthy items that we are seeing, sharing, and saying on social media. We’re sharing it here to our farmers, supporters, and fellow farming advocates who may not follow us on all social platforms. If you do follow us on one social platform you might not be seeing all that we share, so this blog digest is a good place to get access to highlights from across platforms.

Farmland Access Opportunities

Regional Food System Solutions

Looking Ahead Post-Election

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