Refreshed & enhanced: See New England Farmland Finder’s new features!

We are thrilled to share that New England Farmland Finder (NEFF), the region’s largest farm link website, has been upgraded! 

Preview of the new landing page for the New England Farmland Finder upgrade, which includes the logo in the top left, buttons that read "Post a Property" "Find Farmland" and "Find a Farmer." Below is a picture of a farm field with a text overlay "Achieve your farmland vision: Helping to connect farm seekers and landowners across New England, and facilitate farmland transfer"

Along with a fresh look, you can now enjoy improved site navigation and enhanced functionality on mobile devices, allowing you to explore postings efficiently, effectively, and from anywhere. Translations are also part of the upgrade. The website now includes a drop-down menu at the top of the page, which offers translation in your preferred language. A curated collection of resources for both farm seekers and property posters now has its own hub. We are especially excited to announce the debut of farm seeker profiles! Learn more about this new feature below, and start exploring this database or upload your profile today.

Teaser of the new homepage buttons on the New England Farmland Finder upgrade which read "Post a Property" "Find Farmland" "Find a Farmer" and "Get Resources"

Farm Seeker Profiles

Farm seekers are now able to create a profile, highlight their farming experience and vision, explain what they’re looking for in a farm property, and include a short “elevator pitch” to property owners. Property posters can proactively use the Find a Farmer database to search for farmers that may be a good fit for their land. Additionally, when farm seekers with profiles inquire about a specific property, the property poster will be linked directly to that farm seeker’s profile, allowing the property poster to quickly and seamlessly learn more. We’ve had many requests from both farm seekers and property posters for a searchable database.

Achieve Your Farmland Vision

Thanks to New England Farmland Finder, Rijk & Maura are now building on the past 20 year legacy of the Herb FARMacy as their forever farm, Anything Grows Farm. (credit: Anything Grows Farm)

NEFF was created by the New England Farm Link Collaborative to help farm seekers and farm property holders connect. Conventional real estate listings don’t specialize in agricultural properties and typically lack the agricultural production focus useful for farmers and landowners. NEFF meets that need and provides a place for farmland property holders and farm seekers to achieve their farmland visions.

Rita and Brooke of Herb FARMacy turned to NEFF when it came time to prepare for their retirement. After 20 years of farming, they wanted to transition their farm and farm business to a steward with the same commitment, and translatable experience and skills. They knew posting their farmland property to NEFF would target the audience they were looking to reach. 

We got a robust response from people specifically looking to farm. We got more than a dozen serious inquiries through the site and were able to do the phone screening calls with them to winnow down the pool systematically, then focus our energy on the few folks who were the best fit for the unique situation that we were offering.”

Brooke, Herb FARMacy

Rita and Brooke ultimately found Rijk and Maura to be a good fit based on their experience, intentions, and connection to the farm.

The topography of land called out to me. Rita & Brooke prioritized farm connection, we felt similarly that it was more about the connection and not just about a sale.”

Rijk, Anything Grows Farm

Rijk and Maura have the same passion about growing high quality, organic foods for the community and plan to build upon Rita and Brooke’s legacy of organic, no-till farming, Rijk and Maura have a goal to reduce the farm’s fossil fuel consumption footprint and already note steps in this direction with seed fertility, as well as cooling and washing processes.

While we really miss our farm, we are happy that it will continue on under new stewardship, hopefully for another couple of decades!”

Brooke, Herb FARMacy

More than 1440 farmland properties have been posted on NEFF since its inception in 2017. There are 66 properties currently posted and available. About 4,250 farm seekers are subscribed and actively engaged with the site. Plus, since the upgrade, 23 farm seekers have posted their profiles. It’s important to note that there were more property postings on NEFF pre-pandemic. Farm seekers are ready and waiting, so landowners should feel encouraged to give NEFF a try!

Get Started

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The site upgrade is made possible by the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program [grant no. 2021-49400-35642] from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

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