Communication as key support for women farmers, making land available & food sovereignty – the week in review

Below you’ll find a new study that explores how communication, particularly in-person and online social networking, provides support for women principal operators on U.S. farms. If you identify as a woman and own or manage agricultural land in Massachusetts, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in American Farmland Trust’s Women for the Land Learning Circles. Our Program Director Shemariah Blum-Evitts will be on the panel!

Read on for an article that explores the COVID-19 inspired trend of city flight, the threat that poses to our farmland, and the opportunity and responsibility new landowners have to protect, steward, and make their land available to farmers. If you’re considering a move or already own land that you’d like to make available, join our virtual office hours on 9/23.

Lastly, we invite you to learn about the global movement of People’s Agroecology Process, which

proponents say can combat corporate control of the food system, recognize how racism, colonialism, and oppression intersected to create this system, and support historically oppressed groups in their fight to restructure society.” Nadra Nittle for Civil Eats

and the local movement in Vermont to grow food sovereignty, equity, and social capital among Black, Indigenous, and people of color.

Our week in review is a digest of noteworthy items that we are seeing, sharing, and saying on social media. We’re sharing it here to our farmers, supporters, and fellow farming advocates who may not follow us on all social platforms. If you do follow us on one social platform you might not be seeing all that we share, so this blog digest is a good place to get access to highlights from across platforms.

Resources for Women Farmers

Making Your Land Available for Farming

Global and Local Food Sovereignty Movements

If you’d like more, you can find the rest of what we’re saying and sharing on social media — TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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