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Farm Seekers

Access to farmland is a top obstacle for new and beginning farmers, according to two national surveys.

For farmers, the challenges of accessing farmland are affordability, availability, equity and security. Farmers need to know their options, and they need assistance to find, evaluate and negotiate for a farm property.

Our Farm Seekers Program puts farmers on the land by helping them access farms and farmland through traditional and innovative methods. We prepare and support beginning and established farmers, helping them to make sound land tenure decisions. We work with educators, advisors and communities to support farm seekers and improve access to farmland.

… finding and securing land for farming can be a difficult task. Land For Good offered us an essential service by helping us get onto affordable farmland.

– Derek Christianson, Brix Bounty Farm, MA

What we do


We educate by providing informational, resource and planning materials. We deliver workshops, trainings, and programs about farmland tenure, access, affordability, lease or purchase, and related topics.


We advise farm seekers on land acquisition by providing coaching, technical assistance, and ongoing support. We help them get ready, plan and search for and assess farm properties. We assist in developing good leases and other tenure agreements, and managing relationships with landowners.


We innovate by researching and promoting new approaches, methods and public policies that improve farmland access, affordability and security. And we strengthen the delivery and coordination of services for farm seekers throughout New England by training other professionals and collaborating on projects.

Who benefits


  • Gain access to farmland that is appropriate, affordable and secure
  • Are informed, prepared and empowered to make sound land acquisition choices
  • Obtain resources and support to find and assess farm properties
  • Make good lease and other tenure agreements

Service providers

  • Can respond better to the needs of farm seekers
  • Have new tools and methods to promote farming opportunity


  • Actively support farmers to access land
  • Create more secure farming opportunities
  • Have a greater awareness of land access issues
  • Foster food security, land stewardship and their local economy

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