How We Help

Service Providers

Strong, diverse collaborations and partnerships are essential to improve land access and transfer programs and policies. We want to work with you on these critical issues. 

Across New England and nationally, we educate, train, and advise people like you—land access organizations, farm groups, agency staff, community leaders, attorneys,  conservation groups, and others. We team up with educators, researchers, local and state officials, and other professionals and advocates. Our many collaborative projects have produced new tools and resources, innovative models, and improved services to farmers and landowners.

We can work with you to:

  • Connect with other service providers, resources and networks
  • Improve your services to farmers and landowners
  • Build and expand your professionals skills
  • Plan and implement projects on farmland access, tenure, and transfer
  • Develop customized resources & educational events
  • Investigate and innovate new models and policies
  • Educate your staff, constituents and the public about farmland access and transfer

Our team may recommend:

  • One of our many workshops and online events
  • Online tutorials, templates and worksheets
  • Our extensive online library of educational and resource materials
  • Referrals to technical specialists and partners
  • Adding your name to our referral list
  • Individualized advising and support from an LFG Field Agent
  • Partnering on a new project

Contact us

Get in touch through our Farm Supporter Form. A member of our team will share recommended resources, next steps and/or referrals. They will connect you with an LFG Field Agent or other partners to continue conversations about working together. 

Resources to get you started

National Farm Link Clinic, St. Louis, MO

“I think this was one of the most effective structures of a clinic that led to very productive and engaging conversations about metrics and evaluating ‘success’ of these programs. It also highlighted some of the ‘better’ practices regarding functionalities of websites/ technologies/ automation that programs are utilizing. I hope these opportunities can continue.”

Nikki Lennart, Vermont Land Link, attendee of LFG’s 2019 National Farm Link Clinic

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